Whether you work in a hospital, doctor’s office, dental office, or veterinary clinic, there’s a good chance that you are required to wear scrubs for work. Younique Scrubs in St. Louis, MO is proud to offer the best custom-fit scrubs around. We particularly pride ourselves in the custom part of custom-fit scrubs! We get that people are individuals, and one size does NOT fit all. That’s why we have a specific measuring system to ensure that you get what you need. We’ve drafted up a list of some of the most annoying challenges that doctors, nurses, dentist, dental hygienist, and veterinarians face with their not so custom scrubs. If you’ve struggled with any of these problems, you might want to give us ring!

  1. Pants are too short-For those of you gifted with height, it doesn’t feel so much like a blessing when every pair of scrubs you wear looks like you’re just learning how to do laundry and shrunk your entire load! Same goes for long sleeves and lab coats! It’s kind of embarrassing to be a grown adult that looks like they’ve hit a growth spurt and none of their clothes fit. Yikes
  2. Pants are too long-While our taller counterparts may struggle with high-waters, being short isn’t always a picnic in the park either. “Standard” length scrubs tend to slide under the backs of shoes which makes them get dirty, worn out, and hole-filled quickly! Depending how short or petite the nurse, doctor, dentist, etc. is, depends if they have to go to the extreme of rolling over their waistband to help raise up the length of their scrubs...and sometimes twice over.
  3. Tight in the shoulders or around biceps-If a healthcare provider is more on the plus-size in measurements this can make the tops to their scrubs completely miserable. If it’s too tight in the shoulders it can actually impede their range of motion while working; which for most healthcare providers can actually affect their job performance. If it’s too tight in the arms, it can make a 12 hour shift seem like eternity, while trying to constantly push up the sleeves over the bicep area to relieve the pressure.
  4. Top is too loose-Switching back to our more petite wellness providers, these people feel just as much frustration with their scrubs as their plus-size friends. Only having the option of wearing a scrub top that looks like you’re swimming in it, and having to wear extra layers underneath so if your top hangs to low when you lean forward, can be quite a nuisance. Plus, for the super petite, your scrub top can start to look more like a dress than a top.
  5. Boxy tops-This is a “fun” little look that plus size, petites, and large busted professionals all struggle with. Rather than a flattering, fitted look, their tops make them look more like a cereal box than a well put together professional. With plus size it tends to be due to having to get a top that comfortably fits around their largest measurement on top; whether that be the mid-section or chest area. This leads to the rest of the top to baggy and unfitted. With petites, it’s really more because the square shape makes them appear boxy due to their slender builds.
  6. Loose waist-Having pants too loose on the waist often occurs with females with larger hips, but smaller waists. Much like with the loose tops, in order for these healthcare providers to have scrub pants that aren’t too tight in the buttocks or across the hips, they have to “go up a size. This is where the inevitable loose waist comes into play. If you don’t struggle with this it may not seem like such a big deal, but it is beyond irritating for those who do. You see aside from the obvious issue of having to continually your pants back up, there’s also the issue of when you have to squat down to get supplies out of a low cabinet. When you bend to this, you are almost certainly showing your patient what you’re wearing underneath your scrub bottoms. When the waist is too loose they just keep sliding down. No one wants to feel like a plumber in the office or at the hospital!

I’m sure those are dozens of other things doctors and nurses find annoying about their work scrubs, but these are the top complaints we hear when people finally decide to seek out custom-fit scrubs. Our quality of material is superior, so there is no scratchy, itchy feeling after a long day, and your custom scrubs are guaranteed to be custom toy YOU! No one size fits all here. Heck, there’s not even small, medium, large! Whatever your size, whatever your style, short, tall, doctor, nurse, dentist, veterinarian, we got you covered!

Have a specific pattern you want us to create your custom scrubs from? No problem, we can do that! Need to order custom scrubs for your entire office, and need them to all match? We can do that too. Feel free to peruse our website, or call us about getting yourself into a comfortable well-tailored pair of custom-fit scrubs.