YOUnique Scrubs of St. Louis is all about quality and comfort, but we realize that every healthcare professional, every person, has a different definition for what quality means to them. Our clients love our custom scrubs, because pants are never too long or too short; our scrub tops, jackets and pants are never too loose or too tight; and it is all made of strong, long-lasting material that you can pick and choose. It is our job to ensure that the process of buying new custom scrub wear for just yourself, a friend, or your whole team is convenient, straight-forward and reasonably priced. We believe that the true meaning of quality scrubs is feeling good about your clothing, in such a way that makes you happier and more productive. So, we want to know…

What does quality mean to YOU?

Quality is often associated with cost, but we all know that some high-priced clothing isn’t necessarily high-quality. It takes years, sometimes even a lifetime, of trial and error to truly find what quality clothing means to you; which has the potential to negatively affect your daily life if you aren’t comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Studies in recent decades have demonstrated that your appearance affects how others in the professional world perceive your overall success financially, your trustworthiness, your authority in the workplace, the level of your intelligence, and how suitable you are for future positions and advancements. In the healthcare setting, these elements are important and are reflected in your daily care to patients, your co-workers, managers, and the organization. Thus, it’s important for you to have an intimate understanding of what type of scrubs mean quality for you.

So, first, take a seat and imagine your favorite outfit. What does it look like? Does it have bright or dark colors? Designs or plain? Stiff feeling or unbelievably comfortable? Attention-getting or plain jane? Does it fit properly in all the right places?

What material is right for you?

The type of material you choose is all about comfort in your work as a healthcare professional. Why? Imagine spending the 40 to 60-hour workweek ahead of you in scrubs with material that is stiff or scratchy no matter how many times you wash it. More so, your long hours demonstrate to you just how unbreathable the fabric is, making you hot and miserable throughout your shift. Wishing that the material was different.

But how do you know what type of material is the best for you, when there are a wide number of options to choose from? To reduce the number of hours you spend researching online about the various materials or any more time on your feet window shopping for the perfect scrub wear, here’s a brief overview of the most popular materials used for nursing and other healthcare uniforms:

100% Polyester – Fabrics made of 100% polyester are often very affordable, but that means that they come with an additional price. It too often sacrifices quality in a big way. It is a purely manufactured material that can be relatively comfortable, but feels nothing like a natural fiber does. In fact, synthetic fibers like polyester, viscose and rayon often have less than 20% of additional natural fibers, like cotton. The comfort that does last, doesn’t do so for long, because its plastic-like fibers don’t allow for proper breathability of the fabric.

In addition, materials that are purely manufactured are more than likely to have some major imperfections that may sacrifice comfort, fit or look of the outfit on your body type. To check the physical quality of the material, be sure to also look beyond the synthetic blend on the fabric tag towards the other details. When you turn the clothing inside-out, are the seams aligned and holding together well? When you wear the scrub garment, does it hold its shape? If not, this could mean that no facings or interfacings exist to prevent misshaping and bagginess, which is often done by low-quality clothing manufacturers. Are the buttons sewn in almost carelessly and is it lined properly? There are a wide- number of questions to think about when searching for customized scrubs, because you want to ensure that you are ‘getting the best for your buck.’

100% Cotton – While natural fibers, such as cotton, have been processed to some degree to improve quality and feel, whether you would be privy to having your custom scrubs made from the material is up to you. Cotton clothing is usually more expensive and too fine for some healthcare settings, despite being soft and comfortable. It is a high-quality fabric that has great breathability and longevity, yet it also must be properly cleaned and maintained to keep up its appearance. However, cotton is quickly becoming a favorite among the healthcare community, particularly by those who are allergic to other fabric types.

Polyester-Cotton Blends – This combination fabric serves a dual purpose; quality comfort and long-lasting. With only 5% or less of synthetic polyester, the polyester-cotton blend ensures that clothes are less likely to become increasingly overstretched and baggy, which ensures the longer lifespan of your scrub wear. Furthermore, the way the polyester fabric and cotton fabric are interwoven, they provide immense breathability that ensure dryness during a long, fast-paced shift and the soft touch of the fabric on your skin that causes no irritation.

What designs make you unique?


he answer: Anything that makes you feel incredible, relaxed and confident in yourself and your work. Including if you feel the urge to get extra festive around the holidays. YOUnique Scrubs has a great selection of holiday scrubs for any season! Check out our quality Spring selection and get ready for Easter in our fun scrub tops, vests, jackets and bottoms. Or, go with a more traditional look with our favorite Bausch and Lomb pants and tops. With YOUnique Scrubs, you can even send in your favorite type of fabric and we will find which of our sample fabric swatches will best fit you!

What are your unique measurements?

Quality is also in the fit of your clothing, to prevent discomfort, ease in movement, and prevent fabric from catching on potentially dangerous items. That’s why YOUnique Scrubs of Saint Louis provides you with straight-forward diagrams and videos of how to take your own measurements accurately and without much hassle. Don’t have a tape measurer? Don’t worry, we will send one to you!

So, what does quality mean to YOUnique Scrubs?

To YOUnique Scrubs of Saint Louis, quality means customized to fit your lifestyle, body shape and happiness in your healthcare setting. It is having high-quality materials, uniquely designed and colored fabric, and ensuring that each piece is exactly the right fit. Our custom scrubs offer the unique comfort of being made just for you and portrays a sense of professionalism towards your healthcare team and patients. We ship our custom scrubs to individual health professionals and those searching for corporate scrub solutions, because we believe that all healthcare workers deserve the highest-quality scrubs at affordable prices. Simply check out our website, or give us a call at 314-691-7441 and ask for Mary Ann.