Are you enjoying the bouts of (usually) warm winds and sunshine? Do you feel yourself becoming more content with the world around you? Like positive change is just around the corner? Feel fewer moments of depression, anxiety, loneliness, or even anger?

There’s a Medical Reason For That, You Know…

While some past research studies have not witnessed, definitive results regarding the effect of the changing weather patterns between the winter and spring months on one’s mental well-being, more recent studies

have found that spending time outside in pleasant weather was indeed connected to improved cognition, happiness and contentment, and expanded their thought processes abilities.

This is great news for healthcare workers that may have had a touch of the winter blues. You will start to see an increase in your productivity due to getting more sleep, feeling a little less overwhelmed perhaps about moving through your day, and start to bring a bigger smile into the room with your patients. Outside of your health care setting, you may even start to be more social and less tired for events, have more energy to go on long hikes along one of Missouri’s many hiking, biking or equestrian trails, and be happier for having a more balanced appetite and sleep habits.

It’s even more the reason to take advantage of this beautiful time of the year and say, “Goodbye Winter blues, Hello Springtime!” Use this time to remember to not only give quality care to your patients, but to also care for yourself both inside and out.

In other words, it’s time for lots of smiles and self-care, and new Spring scrub attire! Get out of your winter rut and treat yourself! Lucky for you, YOUnique Scrubs makes some of the best, customizable scrubs in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

Spring Scrubs Just for YOU!

This year, our spring scrubs feature beautiful hues of classic springtime colors, including faded pink, sky blue, lilac, deep greens and sunshine yellow. Pick and choose from our floral or butterfly prints, such as the Spring Basic Scrub Top, Spring V-Neck Scrub Jacket, and Spring Criss Cross Scrub Top styles. If you want scrub wear that is festive for national or international spring holidays, you can also pick and choose from our St. Patrick’s Scrubs, Easter Scrubs, or even Patriotic Scrubs that are very popular this time of year. Keep those mischievous leprechauns from pinching you with a simple green clover top, cover yourself with adorable bunnies or balloon animals for your patients that are children, or show some national pride with some patriotic stars.

Don’t see a style and/or design that catches your eye or brings a smile to your face? No need to worry, YOUnique Scrubs has you covered! Any of our high-quality scrub styles can be matched with any of our sample swatch designs. Our unique scrubs are designed to get you looking your best with the best fitting scrubs in your style. No more too baggy, too tight, too short or too long healthcare attire. Plus, you can send us the exact fabric you would like to turn into scrub shirts, pants, jackets or lab coats.

Our custom scrubs offer the unique comfort of being made just for you, no matter what time of year or strange Missouri weather patterns. They also provide an unarguable level of professionalism to your uniform, or the uniform of your staff, and show your patients that you truly care about your work and helping them towards optimal mental and physical health. At YOUnique Scrubs, we trust that the care you currently provide is top notch. Now we want to help your scrubs convey that to patients before they even make it to your back office!

Not sure what type of Spring design is best for your health care setting?

Think about your everyday patients. Studies over the last decade, have shown that the color and design of your scrubs directly affects your patient’s outlook as well and the general perceptions of nurse professionalism. For instance, let’s look at spring colors.

Green is viewed to promote a sense of peacefulness, understanding, wisdom and one’s overall well-being. It has a calming effect on patient’s eyes, seems to be uplifting, and reduces the effects of stress. Pinks also portray a calming effect, and instill emotions of affection and compassion. More so, it is often seen as the color of new beginnings, of birth, and rejuvenation. Blues demonstrate generosity and serenity, while remaining professional and relay trust among you and your patients. Finally, yellows are vibrant and instill optimism and happiness, and improves memory that can also lead to reduced anxiety.

Having this understanding can help you truly create the right “message” for your patients, allowing you to ensure that your patients are happy and are focusing on good mental and physical health as well. You can even go the extra mile and have your health manager purchase our calming Spring scrubs for your entire team. We provide the option of purchasing in bulk!

Feel free to ask about our bulk pricing, how to take your measurements for your order, or anything else by visiting YOUnique Scrubs in St. Louis, MO or by calling us via phone at 314-691-7441.